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Hytrans Traffic System

At roadwork's, larger events or emergencies, it is always necessary to create a safe area for the road workers, highway users or emergency workers. Hytrans Traffic System designs and builds mobile traffic information systems that can be deployed at any place, any time. With a complete electronic operating system, that can optionally be equipped with a GSM/GPS module, the displays can be operated from any control room. The units that are placed on the hard shoulder have a full electronic safety module that will allow safe and easy operations during set-up and removal of the units.


Several MRS systems were delivered last year to Dutch private companies. The MRS systems are being used within the Dutch road building and road maintenance industry.

Almost daily about 50 MRS units are operational in the Netherlands. The first one’s were already delivered in 1985 and still can be found operational on highways.

Also 5 MRI units are operational on the Dutch roads, mainly used to provide extra information to the drivers such as displaying information in cases of large events, accidents and roadwork’s.

Both the MRI and MRS have an optional GPS and GSM module so they can be monitored from a distance and are displayed in the traffic control centre

                  Mobile Route Information System



Mobile lane Signalling
A Mobile Route Information system(MRI) consists of a base frame with on the sliding arm fitted a full matrix graphic free programmable information display based on LED technology. This grid screen is used to display information above the traffic lanes for road users on the motorways. (more) A Mobile Lane Signalling system(MRS) consists of a baseframe construction fitted with 3-fiber optic lane signalling units mounted on a slide arm. Images are displayed on the traffic lane indicators according to the local conditions, above the traffic lanes. The MRS are intended for the purpose of displaying information to motorway road users(more)


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