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Hytrans Traffic Systems

Mobile Traffic Information Systems are designed and manufactured within the Hytrans Traffic    System department of Hytrans Systems b.v. in Lemmer. The systems are mainly in use on motorways. From the motorway's hard shoulder the systems positions data carriers above the traffic lanes to clearly inform road users about traffic situations by displaying information above the traffic lanes. Safety and traffic flow is increased enormously by overhead signaling. Mobile Traffic Information Systems are Mobile Lanes Signaling (MRS) and Mobile Route Information system (MRI). MRS is developed for use by road works on motorways, MRI is developed as route information carrier at venues and events like accidents with high traffic density.


Hytrans Systems b.v.
Lemsterpad 56
NL-8531 AA Lemmer
The Netherlands

tel.: +31 (0)514 60 89 96
fax: +31 (0)514 56 24 28

Chamber of Commerce Leeuwarden 01033962


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